New business in Oakhurst is catering to craft connoisseurs with its own whiskey, brandies, and more

OAKHURST, Calif. (KFSN) — Mike Benbrook is enjoying his newest venture as a craft distiller.

“It’s just boom boom boom. The stars aligned and somebody wanted us to make whiskey so here we are.”

Making whiskey, brandy, and more is now his job at the town’s first distillery– Oakhurst Spirits.

“It’s the oak, it’s the flavors and the coloring from the barrels,” said Benbrook.

Benbrook will soon be offering tours of his distillery and tastes of his creations in their tasting rooms. The former naval officer and business owner and his wife Ally left San Diego to move to Oakhurst to open the distillery.

“It combines our passions into what we like to do and we can make a little bit of money at it too. It’s kind of a new thing. Craft distilleries are doing quite well.”

Customers will be able to taste spirits and soak in Ally’s artwork in the gallery.

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